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"Ingenious" Who Needs Cleopatra? compared to Douglas Adams

Posted at 15:56 on 05 Dec 2006

The British Fantasy Society’s quarterly magazine, Dark Horizons, has just carried a great review:

"This episodic, picaresque novel is deserving of that Great British adjective which has lately fallen out of use: Madcap...

"Steve Redwood is to be commended for his continuous invention throughout the book and some of the plot twists, double crosses and revelations of true identity or motive are ingenious. I could offer a whole host of reference points... Perhaps the most pertinent comparison, though, is The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy. With its cast of alternately ruthless and feckless characters and silly/scary scenarios, in Who Needs Cleopatra?, Steve Redwood is hoping to do for temporal what Douglas Adams did for intergalactic travel.

"Approach this book with a sense of fun and a relaxed attitude, and there's much to enjoy and many laughs and smiles to be had. A good summer read.

"Reverb is an independent publisher with a commitment to publishing new authors and working with independent bookshops before the big chains kill them all off. Even if this particular book isn't entirely to your taste, Reverb deserves your support and attention."


'Magnificent' Grief nominated for book of the year

Posted at 11:09 on 10 Oct 2006

Ed Lark's remarkable novel was nominated for Best Book of the Year 2005 by the British Science Fiction Association - though we've only just found out!

Here's an extract of their glowing review (by John Newsinger)...
"Grief is a magnificent novel. Only 149 pages, but certainly one of the best books I have read this year. It is a satire of quite astonishing originality, written with style, passion, wit and intelligence. To reach the sort of audience it deserves this book is going to require word-of-mouth recommendation. But don't take my word for it, hunt it down, read it and pass it on...

"...This is wonderful stuff, deadly serious and yet amusing and playful at the same time. There is a richness to the writing, a successful combining of thought and expression, that is tremendously effective. With Grief, Ed Lark has pulled off a powerful and original satire that completely won over this reader. Certainly a writer to look out for."


Another great review for Who Needs Cleopatra?

Posted at 15:35 on 20 Jul 2006

"...Redwood has created not only a hugely enjoyable romp of a story, but a refreshingly different exploration and interpretation of historic events that most people take as read... Characterisation is lively and authentically handled... for anyone who likes their fiction controversial and thought-provoking in a what-if way (yet liberally coated with intelligent humour), then this one's for you."

The full review can be read in Midnight Street Magazine, Issue 7


Michael Moorcock applauds Who Needs Cleopatra?

Posted at 17:46 on 16 Mar 2006

Steve Redwood's first novel was recommended by Richard Morgan and nominated for the British Fantasy Society 2003 Best Novel Award, and now his second, Who Needs Cleopatra?, has earned an accolade from no less than the legendary Michael Moorcock (himself the author of what is considered the time travel masterpiece series, Dancers at the End of Time) whose final Between the Wars Colonel Pyat volume, The Vengeance of Rome, has just been published.

Moorcock said of Redwood's book: "Very enjoyable indeed, great fun – I tend to like irony and humour in my imaginative fiction. Especially time travel fiction. Loved the ending. Very welcome break, and I'm sorry it's over. It's not the only book that makes me wish I could win the lottery and set up my own publishing imprint."


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